Dum Dums - A Sweet Return On Your Investment



Dum Dums is the world’s first artisan baked donut and is now looking for franchise partners to secure territories in the UK. The team already have 35 locations secured, 80% of which are either open or due to be opened in the next 6 months.
The Operating Model is Simple, a small A1 unit, high footfall location, Donuts delivered fresh every day, stored at ambient room temperature, display them well as seeing is believing, all you then need is great staff who can serve the customers. Complementary sales include Volcano Coffee, Cold drinks, Milkshakes and Ice cream.
The Locations are Coming in fast, everything from Carts in Tube stations, Kiosk in malls, outside cabins and traditional Stores. We need franchisees to work with our agents to secure these opportunities and open stores Now.
The Returns are Sweet with no VAT on Donuts, low cost staffing model, small footprint opportunities, low cost start up and a loyal customer base who go crazy over our delicious baked Donuts, a 20% EBITDA is well within reach. Our best performing store sells on average 900 Donuts a day with over £16,000 of sales per week.
Our Focus is You – We are committed to helping you be successful and make money, our low management fee of 6% and commitment not to take rebates ensuring your operating costs are as low as possible brings a fresh approach to the franchise partnership.
Our Support is Personal. Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way, our founder is very much involved in all aspects of the business and we have a team of Business Partners lined up to help you with every aspect of setting up and running your business.
Be Part of our Growth. Join us now, secure the best territories and be part of our journey. We speak to franchisees all the time who wished they had joined some of those well known brands early on and been part of their Success. Don’t miss this opportunity. We will open lots of successful stores but don’t want our franchisees to be just a number, hence we are looking for ambitious multiple operators to join our team.
This is a Unique Franchise Opportunity. We are the only Baked Donut in the World so hard to copy. Our patented baking process has taken 22 years to develop, Donutterie is a word created by our Founder and trademarked by us. Our hand baked, all natural ingredient Donuts and Cros are considered y many to be “The Best Donuts in the World!”
Stores Open/Coming Soon: Basingstoke, Bluewater Shopping Centre, BoxPark Shoreditch, BoxPark Croydon, Brent Cross, Brighton Sq, Bromley, Canary Wharf, Euston Train Station, Grand Central-Birmingham, IntuLakeside, IntuWatford, Kingston, St Pancras International, Canary Wharf, Wandsworth, Westfield London, Windsor.
Start Up costs are low carts from £10,000 and kiosks from £25,000 are assets which can be leased. Maximise your liquid capital, by blending your financing through own cash, bank loans and lease. One way to quickly build a portfolio of stores.
Join Me for Donuts and Coffee and See for Yourself, if you have £70,000 liquid capital to invest, the ambition to open multiple stores, are an existing successful franchisee in another sector, already running your own business.
Background - Made with only natural ingredients and yet uncompromising on irresistible deliciousness, Dum Dum Donuts offer beautifully baked (not fried) handmade donuts to a growing legion of loyal fans across the UK.

We use the very best in cooking technology to control ingredients rather than the method of simply floating product in oil. Dum Dum Donuts are significantly lower in fat (half the fat in some instances) than our competitors thanks to our traditional patisserie-based baking process – so unique that it is patented in Europe and the US.

A concept 22 years in the making, artisan doughnut chef Paul Hurley, the Founder of Dum Dum Donuts, explains that in 1997 he had the vision to create ‘The Best Donut in the World’. Although a grand statement, Paul believes this has to be at the heart of the brand and from its launch in 2013 Dum Dum Donuts became an ‘overnight’ success. So why is that? Paul puts part of the success down to their ability to capture the way social media is leading the way in food trends but rather than being a here today, gone tomorrow trend, donuts are a traditional product – What’s different about Dum Dum Donuts is that they have taken a traditional market and applied a modern twist, a new look with flavour options and trends that pique the imagination of a loyal & growing Dum Dum fan base. In addition to all this Dum Dum Donuts are training high end coffee roasters ready to support franchisees with franchise roll outs across the UK.


International Franchise opportunities please email